Due to the growing popularity of disposable e-cigarettes Maskking on the market there are more and more fakes.
Fake not only affects the overall feeling of using the device (weight, taste, ease of vaping), but can also threaten your health. After all, it is unknown exactly what the composition of the liquid used by cheaters, and how dangerous it can be.

The original - fake. How to tell the difference?

To verify the authenticity of Maskking just erase the protective layer on the sticker and scan the GR-code.
After scanning the GR code on the original Maskking packaging, you will be taken to a page verifying the originality of the device, also there will be reflected a 16 digit code, which is identical to the code on the packaging.
Otherwise, if the Masking device is a fake, after scanning the GR code on the Masking license package:

- There will be a jump directly to the manufacturer's website
- No jump at all